Saturday, November 21, 2009

Playing Catch Up....

My goodness I am a horrible blogger! I am going to try and do better! We will see how that goes! Brad and I are still doing great, work and studying consumes our lives right now so we are SO SO excited for the semester to end! We are excited for a good break! Anyway, here are a few things we have been up to in the last couple months.


Yes Brad and I got scuba certified! We are so excited about this! I cant wait to actually do this in the ocean and see all the creatures! ahah we are planning a fun vacation with Brads family in May so when that time comes we will let you know how it goes! Im a little nervous but more excited! Mic and Ry, and anyone else who is certified or wants to get certified, we need to plan a fun trip and go!

Hiking Waterfall Canyon!

We got in one last hike before the cold weather set in! We did the famous Waterfall Canyon hike! We had so much fun! We decided that next year we need to take more advantage of all the hikes around here! It is so pretty! Maybe we should start a hiking club! haha anyone in?

X-Terra 2009
Brad and two of his brothers participated in the X-Terra this year! It was so awesome to watch them! They are amazing!

Me and my mom waiting for the swim to start....

The swim...(this is why I could never to a tri! I cant swim in a line for the life of me and with this many people around I would be crashing into people all over the place!

The bike ride! It was from Pineview up to Snowbasin and all round basin! Crazy huh!

And last is the run...up hill!

It was so pretty up there! The fall leaves were so awesome! I couldnt resist taking pictures of them! I love the fall!

All finished! Wahoo!

My hero! He is crazy!

The cheering teams!