Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Fun!

I told you it would take me a while to get going on this! Im not the best at learning how to run this thing! But anyway here is our "first" post! Im just going to give a little run down of some of our exciting adventures from the summer so far!
First of all we enjoyed many activities such as lots and lots of boating, a trip to lake powell, and doing the ifly before my little brother (who isnt so little anymore) left on his mission! We had a blast celebrating with him before he left. We are so happy he is where he needs to be but we do miss him dearly! He is doing well and having a great time serving in Colorado Springs! We love you so much Elder Miles!

Another fun event this summer was my cousins wedding! My cousin Kristie and I have so many fun memories of growing up together, and living together as roommates at Utah State! What good times! May 16th was such a special day to see her and Brett sealed together in Logan Temple! I love you Kris! Your wedding was beautiful....and so are you! :)

The cute couple!

As you can see it was quite the project getting us
all together with our heads in a circle! I think we
were laughing so hard we couldnt even think!
Good times! It was fun to see all of you!

One more vacation and then I think I have decided this post is going to have to be continued! Anyway, it is a Coleman family tradition to go to Island Park and spend a week boating, relaxing, playing games, just having a good time together as a family! I didnt get too many pictures this time around but one of the high lights this trip was our awesome Steal the Flag game we played for hours! We used to play Steal the Flag for night games when I was little so this of course brought back lots of memories for me! I think we will have to make this game a tradition too! Thanks for the fun vacation family!

The winning team of course! :)

The other winning team!

Our team huddle making plans!

Great team-mates!